First Internet Strike in Nepal: Save Nepa Valley Movement

For the first time in the history of Nepal, an internet strike is being initiated in Nepal on August 1, 2017 (Shrawan 17, 2074). Internet strike has been a common in the world but this is new for Nepal and is being organized for the first time. This is a new concept of shutting down all the website servers or internet for 1 day.

What is this Internet Strike?
Internet strike is simply a protest for a certain time by shutting down the servers or websites but it is going to be different in Nepal. It is being organized in Nepal for the first time.

Why we do internet strike?
Youths who are concerning about the current situation of Kathmandu is organizing the internet strike tomorrow. Here are some main issues which are concerned for the Internet Strike.

Deeply centralized development system. We need to tell the state that we need development and establishment of cities in other regions of Nepal.

Destruction in the name of development. The actual meaning of development is not being applied. We are doing construction projects without studying over all positive and negative impacts of it. We cannot see development as just construction work, but we need to see sustainability and positive human impacts.

The condition of existing urban and sub-urban premises are very bad, we want authorities to focus on development of existing settlements, improving its quality and upbringing living standard and economic standard of the inhabitants. This includes everything from health facilitates, employment opportunities, water availability, proper road and sewage pipelines, traffic management.

Environment and nature is something very essential to human life, but we all know the pollution rate of the valley. The air, water and land here is not just harmful but is fully toxic. We need to protect environment and create a healthy nature. This includes protection of fertile land, green areas and green spaces in the towns.

We all know how fertile the land of valley is. This relates us with food security and proper use of land. The remaining agricultural and fertile land of the valley must be protected and utilized properly for food of our country. Introduce Land Use Act in Nepal.

Control the un-managed new towns and new settlements created by Real Estates and Land Mafias that is causing the Kathmandu to sprawl and making it more and more messy, focus more on making cities in other regions of Nepal.

To preserve, protect, promote and develop the ancient civilization of Nepa valley. Heritage preservation including heritage towns of the valley should be protected and well preserved. We need to utilize the Indigenous knowledge.

We are against construction of outer ringroad and satellite towns, as well as un-justified road expansions in the valley. We do not agree the fast Track Project alignment. We do not need outer ringroad and satellite towns which has more negative impacts to the valley, and contributes in sprawl and dis-management of the valley. We need to focus on development of existing infrastructures and development of in-developed parts of Nepal

How Internet Strike is being Initiated?

Save Nepa Valley Movement
Save Nepa Valley Movement

Internet Strike is being initiated with the hash tag in the social media #SaveNepaValley. For this just download this picture and upload it on your social media profiles like facebook, twitter and Instagram with the hash tag #SaveNepaValley.

When is Internet Strike?
The date of the Internet Strike is on 2074 Shrawan 17(August 1, 2017) for 24 hours. Just upload the above picture and put no status or anything to your social media.

Why to upload the picture and Khabardar?
In order to create a curiosity among the public about the picture and the Save Nepa Valley movement. This will create a curiosity to the related authority by our mass activity and will make them concern about the subject matter.


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