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Nepal Telecom Launched 4G Services in Kathmandu and Pokhara Today

Nepal Telecom has launched fourth generation (4G) service in Kathmandu and Pokhara from January 1st 2017. The state-owned utility launched 4G in a bid to provide faster and higher quality data services to its subscribers.

The internet services will be faster as the current speed of mobile data transfer is 14 MB/second, while after the launch, the speed will increase to 35 MB/second, claims the utility.

The 4G service will be extended to other cities too, NT claims.

NT users will be able to user 4G service on their mobiles from the first day of its launch. Though iphone has 4G-compatible models, the service will be inaccessible for iphone users because Apple has not turned on location enable feature for NT networks. The utility recently asked Apple to turn on the feature. But enabling is expected to take sometime, meaning the service will not be immediately available to iphone users.

The private operator, NCell, has already had the feature enabled, though it has not yet received permissi…