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Friday, November 11, 2016

Nepal Telecom brings free Online Education Services

Nepal Telecom Online Education Service
Nepal Telecom Online Education Service

Nepal Telecom, the top telecommunication service provider of the nation has brought free online education services with the collaboration of an Ireland based training and higher education institution, Shaw Academy.

The service will be free to Nepal Telecom users for 3 months. For the online courses, the users need to register at NT website or via

Shaw Academy

Nepal Telecom users who are interested in Web Design, Photography and Videography, Digital Marketing, Web and Mobile Application Development, Beauty, Diet and Weight loss, Career Management and English can get the services for free for three months. According to NT, the service will be valid for three months and the services will be trail phase. After the three months, users need to purchase it at €395 each.

The courses are available in English Language. If you spend 3-5 hours a week, you can complete the course within a month, so this will be beneficial to busy schedule users too.

The best part is that on the accomplishment of every course, the learner will be getting one accredited diploma certification from Shaw Academy. By visiting the Shaw Academy from the link provided in Nepal Telecom’s website, and then by selecting the course, you’re looking forward to pursuing, you can take a look at the course details including lesson details and schedules and decide if it’s the course you’ve been waiting for. This is definitely a neat and praiseworthy offer from Nepal Telecom and we recommend you to check it once for yourself. Just keep that in mind, it’s a time limited offer and the courses might not be available for free after three months.

There course contains are:
-Financial trading
-Digital marketing
-Personal Nutrition
-Graphic design
-Web development
-Mobile App development

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