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DV 2018, Apply via Android Mobile

Since October 1st, the DV program for 2018 will be opened all over the world. Filling up the form for electronic diversity visa is almost free but in Nepal, most of the agencies charge for filling up DV from from NRs.100 to NRs.500. If you are wondering how to fill up the edv form for 2018, a android mobile application - DV 2018 will guide your fill up the form for EDV easily. Hari Lamichhane, student of Software Engineering at GCES has developed this android app. Every year hundreds of thousands people fill up the form for EDV with the cost of NRs.100 to NRs.500. But with this application downloaded in your android mobile will guide you in every steps for filling up the EDV form. Some of the contains of this app are Qualification Requirements: education, work-experience, self-sufficiency. Form Guide: explanation of each field in the EDV form Photo Guide: explanation about the requirements of the photo. Photo Template: a template for taking photo Photo Sample: few sampl

How can we utilize Social Media for Business Marketing?

If you are new to Social Media and want to promote business through it, this blog post might be helpful for you to understand the social media marketing. No doubt, social media is the biggest gift of modern technology in the present context of the world. Nowadays, it has been a part of our lifestyle or even if we get a minute time free from our busy schedule, we use the social media to keep up-to-date our-self. As the new concept and ideas have been growing in the IT field, the use of Social media is also growing and in the context of Nepal, it has been a part of SEO or business promotion through online. We spend more than 25% of our online time on social media promoting content or business promotion matters. Before we go deep into the social media tips and tricks, first we should know some key points about the social media, what is actually social media? What is Social Media? "Social Media" is a way to communicate in a group or single and interact online. It's a g

How to get rank of Blog - Blogging Tips and Tricks

Interested in Blog writing? just start your own blog. There are many free platforms for writing a blog but here I recommend you to use and . These blogging platforms are easy to start, write and publish your articles. You can get the tutorials for starting a blog online if you go on search engine and type WordPress blogging tutorials or blogger tutorials. Let's now discuss about the methods for writing a blog Signup: If you are gmail user, you can signup on the with the gmail username and password. For this just go to and type your username and password and then you will see a login page. Then you can take a sitename just like or like this. If you are WordPress user, you just signup on the with the login username and password and just like above choose a sitename like Blog Design: First of all before writing a blog article, you can choose one of