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Thursday, June 23, 2016

ICT Guff with Bishnu Rimal

ICT Guff with Bishnu Rimal

A young Entrepreneur and writer at, Anish Upreti has ICT Guff with Bishnu Rimal, Manager of Hotel Mount View Pokhara. Bishnu Rimal is the Tourism personality in Nepal who is trying to develop Information Technology and Tourism (ITT) culutre in Nepal.

Here is the some questions related to the Tourism and IT made by Anish to Bishnu Rimal.

1. Tell us about your background and your kick-start to Tourism industry.
My name Bishnu Rimal and I’m from Pokhara. Currently, I’m involved in tourism industry. I’m trying to change the traditional way of Tourism in Nepal. I started my career as a trekking guide on 2004 A.D. After completing my college level, I went to Ghandruk/Ghorepani with 3 American guys as a trek guide. At that moment I got a chance to explore more about Tourism industry in Nepal. After a long research I stepped into tourism industry.

2. What is the role of information and technology in tourism?
Information and technology is the lifeblood of tourism, ITs provide both opportunities and challenges for the industry. Technology plays an important role in the hospitality and tourism industry. Both customers and businesses can benefit from advances in communication, reservations and guest services systems. Technology allows continuous communication and streamlines the guest experience, from reservation to checkout.

3. Tell us about the use of information and technology in the field of tourism in Nepal?
Well, the use of information and technology in the field of tourism in Nepal is somehow improving. Nepal started to providing information about tourism of Nepal since 2002 A.D and it was not effective upto 2006 A.D. Now the people who are involved in tourism are giving priority to information and technology. We can see that; most of the hotels, trekking agency, spa have website and according to the research; about 55% booking are done online. Now, they have realized that ICT is one of the important factor for the development of their tourism industry. Nowadays, E-marketing is also being parctised in tourism field. Even government is running E-village programs in rural areas of Nepal to promote tourism.

4. So what is the present condition of ICT in the context of tourism in Nepal?
In my view, the present condition of ICT in the context of tourism in Nepal is worst. For example, According to the research, 44% of tourist who visit Nepal complained about the communication system(slow speed, poor performance, high cost and inaduequate operational facility, lack of satellite phone etc ) in Nepal. They also complained that; information available on Internet about the Nepal is incomplete as well as confusing. Even government is not focusing to develop Information Technology & Tourism (ITT) culture in Nepal. As we know the internet is one of the fastest growing market. If we can promote tourism of Nepal through internet then, I’m pretty sure that there will be high traffic of tourist in Nepal.

5. Do your company have website?
Yes my company owns two website and they are & are the URL of my company.

6. Have you heard about web promotion? which is the best way to promote your hotel?
Yes, I have heard about SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SMO(Social Media Optimization), Google Ads, PPC(Pay Per Click) Campaign etc. As we are running Hotel business, we obviously need the customers traffic. One of the best way to increase customer traffic is facebook ads and booking engines like, and

7.Tell us how you are taking benefits from Internet?
Of course, I’m taking alot of benefits from Internet.  I’m taking alot of benefits from booking engines like,, I have also gained benefits using Facebook ads and Google Ads. They are cheaper than that of other paper ads.

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