4G Services in Nepal

4G Internet Services in Nepal

Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has started preparations to start 4G service in Nepal. 4G services has been already launched officially in India and Nepal aslo moving towards the path of 4G technology.

Simply 4G is an acronym for fourth generation of mobile communication technologies. Now in Nepal, 2G to 3G services are active in both GSM and CDMA mobiles but with the evolvement of 4G, user will experience the latest technology handy.

Government is working out for the implementation of 4G services which would be soon brought into operation", said Sherdhan Rai, Minister for Information and Communications. "The existing 3G service would be expanded countrywide whereas the 4G service would be operated in major cities including in the Kathmandu", he added.

As per experts the time is right for the adoption of the LTE  in Nepal with the spectrum 700-900MHz range.  Nepal can go 4G adoption, as this range of frequency is best for affordable smart phones and tablets. Nepal has adopted APT Band plan as of May 2013 but still not in a well version policy to adopt 700MHz range. But a good question whether to go with LTE 1800M or APT700 can be a good public/stakeholder’s discussion should NTA think the public/expert’s opinion matter.


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